Lingwood is heading for literary status with the launch of its dedicated book in October. Author Stephen Peart spent last year gathering memories of local people for his latest volume in Halsgrove's Community History Series, "The Book of Lingwood: a village held hostage to history".

Barely 1000 years old and the size of a small town, Lingwood was hijacked by history. The forced presence of the workhouse in 1836 brought the district's poor to its doorstep while a vast acreage snatched by the county council in 1921 left a village with little to call its own.

According to many residents, Lingwood's book is long overdue. Their idyllic village has much to celebrate: birthplace of the Edrich cricketing ancestry, the childhood haunt of a Hollywood actor, one of Norfolk's busiest railway stations in the hey-day of steam and an army of council smallholders who once helped feed our nation.

The Book of Lingwood has something for everyone. Its contributors recall schooldays, wartime air-raids, chapel on Sundays, a football team feared by visiting opponents and the tragic end of its obliging garage proprietor.

With more than 250 photographs, The Book of Lingwood can be ordered for £19.99 before 3 September at or by calling Stephen Peart on 01603 714667 for a local, post-free delivery in October. Halsgrove's normal retail price of £24.99 will apply after publication when the book will be widely available in shops. Pre-publication orders offer the chance to have the subscriber's name printed within.
The author can be contacted at

Cyril Bardwell unveils Lingwood's village sign 27 October 1978