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The riverside quay has an electric charging point. Pubs. Refuse bin. Shop. Toilets. Car parking and water. Post office.

Lord Nelson, Reedham. Lord nelson pub, Reedham

the ship pub, Reedham
The Ship next to the The swing bridge...
Reedham is at the junction of two lines.
The railway from Norwich to Yarmouth was built in 1844 and the line going across the swing bridge to Lowestoft, in 1847.the shipthe ship
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swan at Reedham yare at Reedham
wherrry mans way Holly Farm Road, Reedham
East to Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
old riverside

Wherryman's Way.
Going from Gt Yarmouth through Reedham to Norwich.
About 35 miles.

Setting off from Reedham along the Wherryman's Way.
The Berney Arms pub is about four miles from Reedham, that is about half way to Gt Yarmouth.
Food and drinks and a place to rest. Also a railway station for a train back.To Yarmouth on Wherrymans way
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Swan at Reedham
polkeys Wherry was the name of the sailing barges that used to bring cargoes along the river.
See the Wherry trust...
There are mostly pleasure boats now among the ducks and swans.
You might see the Southern Belle. A 1925 steam boat being restored to provide a passenger service between Great Yarmouth and Reedham.
Polkey's pump, halfway towards the Berney Arms.
berney arms
Berney Arms.

By the riverside along Wherryman's Way